Food alone is good; wine alone is good; but food and wine together is heaven!

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Background History

At one time in my youth, when we were teenagers at school, beer was the normal drink for young people when they went out for an evening. Beer was priced so that it was accessible to students and it was before the time that pubs realised that there was increasing demand for wine.

As I've grown older, I have developed a liking for wine, at first red wines, then discovery of Bordeaux wine, and latterly trying to widen my understanding into both dry and sweet white wines.

Reasons For Its Creation

Apart from being a very enjoyable hobby, wine drinking, especially of red wines is being widely researched because of the possible health benefits.

There is a very large choice for wines available via all the normal supermarkets, apart from the specialist wine merchants. But wine is a difficult subject to get into, so that choices are often risky when it's so easy to spend quite a lot of money and be disappointed with the purchase, only when the bottle is opened and it's too late to take the product back.

I thought that it would be good to record the fruit of my research, wine tastings and experiences with restaurants for others to read. Both wine and restaurants, especially the good ones, are relatively expensive, and there is always risk with choosing a new one. So, a record of wine tasting and restaurant experiences is helpful to others when making choices that are new to them, before they spend (invest / waste) their money.

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