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Low Glycaemic Index Low Cholesterol Foods

The table below identifies some general classes of foods that range from low to high in both cholesterol and glycaemic index (GI).

The table divides foods into nine sectors that identify foods by their glycaemic index (GI) and saturated fat content.

The healthiest foods are those that are both low GI index and low in saturated fat (the green sectors). For best long term health, we should avoid eating foods in the orange and red sectors.

Low Glycaemic Index (GI) Medium GI High GI
Low Cholesterol Oats(51), pulses, olive oil, sunflower oil, oily fish, lean chicken, low fat cheese, cabbage, salad leaves, carrots, oranges, plums. Whole wheat (bread), basmati rice, sweet potato, baked beans, un-ripe banana, mango, apples, tomato, kiwi. Corn flakes, rice krispies, baked potato, watermelon, extruded breakfast cereals, white rice, glucose, boiled sweets, energy drinks, ripe banana, pure fruit juice (apple, orange, mango, kiwi)
Medium Cholesterol Pork, lean bacon
High Cholesterol Prawns, butter, cream, full fat milk, eggs, red meat(beef, mutton, venison), beef fat, streaky bacon, deep fried chicken High fat cheese, deep fried battered chicken Beef burgers, chips, crisps, croissants, high fat pastries, pastry meat pies, sausages, french fries, burgers in white bun

Low Glycaemic Index Low Cholesterol Recipes

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High, Medium and Low Glycaemic Index Foods

The Glycaemic Index (GI) is generally measured against a reference at the high end from pure glucose = 100 GI and at the low end by pure water = 0 GI.

Relative to glucose, foods can be ranked into three classes as follows:

  • Low GI = 55 or lower
  • Medium GI = 56 to 69
  • High GI = 70 or higher

The GI Index is the area under the curve of blood sugar levels taken over a two period following eating, expressed as a percentage of the curve following eating pure glucose.

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