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Oat Porridge

This very traditional and well known dish is actually very healthy food, not just because it is made from oats, which have a low GI index, but because it makes a good breakfast. This oat porridge recipe is also low in saturated fat, because it only uses half a cup of semi-skimmed milk per helping. Some scientific research indicates that oats has a cholesterol lowering effect.

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Instructions Comments
  • One (1) cup of porridge oats
  • One (1) cup of semi-skimmed milk
  • Two (2) cups of water
Use the same cup (std. 1/3 pint, 190ml) to measure all the ingredients (oats, milk, water)
  • Place ingredients in a clean saucepan and heat to boiling
  • Stir occasionally to prevent sticking on the bottom of the pan
  • Boil for two (2) minutes
  • Don't use a lid on the pad; it boils over!
  • Makes two servings.
  • For variations, add a tablespoon of sultanas, or other low GI dried fruit
  • Garnish with sultanas, or flaked almonds
Health Benefits
  • Oats are low GI (42 to 51)
  • Semi-skimmed milk is low in saturated fat
  • A good breakfast provides energy at the start of the day
  • Low GI foods help lower blood sugar levels
  • Foods low in saturated fat help towards lower blood cholesterol levels
  • Breakfast helps weight control

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